Thursday, April 09, 2009

April Fool

Last Summer was incredible. Poland, Krakow in May. Auschwitz. The horror of something so powerful, and so inexplicable, so alive even now. Something that turned out to be a life lesson rather than a history lesson. But despite our visit to Auschwitz, we had an amazing time. One of the best weekends of my life. Poland, the people, the place, the atmosphere was electric. Something I'll never forget. Leaving High School, the tears, saying goodbye, the prom. The perfect night to end the best 5 years of my life. I'm at college now and I miss school like hell. Exams, walk-through GCSE's - the exams seemed more of a social event than something to worry about. Then the holidays, parties, sleepovers, picnics in the park. Long walks and lazy, light nights. Going to France with my boyfriend. At 16 going abroad alone is quite an adventure. We sat on the beach all night, we swam, ate crepes and seafood platters for the hell of it, drank French beer and even saw a French acoustic band in a quiet little bar one night. Magical. I'm looking forward to this Summer and whatever it may bring.

Autumn, Autumn brought the start of college and the tearful goodbye's to my boyfriend who moved to Australia. Never did I think it possible to miss someone so much. It was like half of my soul was missing. Thankfully, Autumn also brought him back.

Winter? Is there ever much to say about Winter? I am somewhat of a recluse during the Winter months because I hate being cold / wet / blown about by the wind or all of the above. But it snowed! Absolutely gutted that my local toyshop sold out of sledges before I got there but we managed to borrow a friend's. Christmas. I had quite a good Christmas, nothing special. New Years Eve was eventful but fun. And back to college to face another seemingly endless term of English / Philosophy essays, art coursework and psychology... well okay, not really anything to do for psychology.

And Spring! This one had to be in colour. Spring brought me driving lessons, which i am still having and so far so good, an excuse to wear those ridiculously big sunglasses I always have on, and the realisation that I am not actually as tall I thought I was. I can now wear high heels and not feel like a giant. Unfortunately, where I live in the West Midlands, UK, you tend to look like a bit of an idiot if you wear anything remotely fashionable. It is now April and the weather has been exceptionally kind to us so far, I hope this is setting us up for a long hot Summer...

I'm Sophie, 17, it's nice to meet you.


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Chloe,,* said...

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