Monday, April 13, 2009

Red sky at night -

I love night time because it's so peaceful and quiet and calm and everything just stops. It lulls you into the sense that everything and eveyone is sleeping but you. And I like the idea of being out there when everyone else is safely inside. I love Summer nights when the sky is clear and the air's warm and you can see the stars. Not that I was warm taking these photos, I was furreezing and my camera in night mode takes about 10 seconds to take the picture, so I was out there playing statues trying not to shiver. I didn't do a very good job in the above photo ;)
My boyfriend took these with the aid of a tripod on loan from my father.

And here's some of my boyfriend and I, yay for autocapture :)


Anonymous said...

pretty pictures! looks rugged, and the sky reminds me of arizona, which i really miss. thanks for your sweet comment and post pics of your home-made tank!

F Blog said...

I love summer nights too! Lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

what gorgeous photographs! the red sky is beautiful

Rosanna said...

these photos are so haunting! i love it :)

liana said...

fabulous photos!! the trees in the fourth are like eerie silouettes.


Chloe,,* said...

Soooo cute :)
and nighttime is pretty awesome tbh. :D xxxxxx

Kitten; TBK, Barn said...

Wow, I'd never believe it was cold there. (: You did a great job of making everything seem so warm - it almost made me want to take a nap (that's a compliment... I love naps in the sun. *laughs* I'm like a cat that way).

Your poses in all of the pictures are really great, and those of you and your boyfriend are super sweet. <3 Fantastic job!

Fashionaphylactic. said...

I love these photos, but night time has always scared me haha, even now I'm 18! Thank you for the sweet comment :) I've added you to my follow list :)

Ash Fox said...

these photos are soo romantic.
thank you for your sweet comments and for dropping by Tit Tees. You are also extremely talented. I love your paintings! I'm adding you to my roll. Keep in touch!